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"Laura's background is unique; in our coaching community she is a part of a select group who have direct line management experience."
- Kevin Cuthbert, CCO,
Karlin Sloan & Company
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Creating sustainable competitive advantage increasingly requires transformational leadership as organizations seek to compete and grow effectively in a market place where success is always changing.

Effectively responding to change requires a new leadership approach. A shift to Fearless Leadership™ that draws from the intelligence and experience of the entire organization as well as emerging knowledge and ideas about strategy, management, leadership and culture.

  • What if you could use change as a catalyst for growth and innovation rather than a distraction that needs “managing?” 
  • What if you could proactively create disruptive change to improve your results?
Transcend’s Fearless Leadership program can assist organizations in evolving their approaches to change and generating resilience throughout the organization. From our initial organizational assessment to help you decide on priorities for development to implementation of the Fearless Leadership Roadmap, we can show you how to lead fearlessly and create a Fearless Organization!
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